Who We Are


Western Stream Works, LLC (WSW) is a licensed and insured consulting and design-build company specializing in stream, coastal, pond and wetland restoration projects. WSW is a single entity company managed by Bill Coughlin. Please see Bill’s resume and WSW’s list of projects for a summary of experience in the field of hydrology, fluvial geomorphology, and construction.

What We Do


WSW began in 1999 as an opportunity to apply Bill's experience within science and Academia to solve real-world ecological issues. A grandson of Irish immigrants from South Buffalo, he grew up first-hand with the value of a strong work ethic and professional integrity. Raised on the Niagara Frontier, Great Lakes Water Quality issues such as the Love Canal catastrophe gave him his career objective. Subsequently, he's worked on contaminant studies in the Great Lakes, analysis of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, and hydrologic analysis of the effects of climate change in the Arctic. His intent is to utilize experience in the trades and contracting combined with aquatic research to complete positive and functional solutions. WSW’s niche is an all-encompassing restoration company that seeks to replicate nature to fix problems.

How We Do It

WSW’s strengths lie in our ability to oversee each project from start to finish. We are directly involved in every component of a restoration project, which efficiently uses limited restoration dollars to achieve project success. We begin with the design and permitting, utilizing our long-standing, successful relationship with the Army Corps of Engineers to simplify and expedite the process as much as possible. Material procurement involves a hands-on approach, which is creative in negotiating acquisition, selective in the size and quality, and efficient in the staging of material. WSW is on-site during all phases of construction, managing the heavy equipment operators or directly operating the equipment. WSW ensures all applicable regulations are in place and followed, such as storm water management and traffic control. WSW installs the vegetation, often concurrent with the construction. Finally, WSW completes any monitoring requirements.

Repeatedly, our clients have commended WSW for its effective communication, which we see as critical to overall project success. Whether it be a public entity or a private land-owner, our clients see the big picture along with us, understanding how each component of restoration is interrelated and how our comprehensive approach saves time and money. Most importantly is the end product; a successful project is one that looks as if we were never there.


Naturally occurring stream features guide WSW efforts within stream restoration.

Naturally occurring stream features guide WSW efforts within stream restoration.



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