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Beach Erosion Mitigation





Stream Restoration

Animas River Picture-Exemplary Project of the Year, 2009 - Colorado Trout Unlimited.  Animas River, Durango, COAnimas River Picture-Exemplary Project of the Year, 2009 - Colorado Trout Unlimited. Animas River, Durango, COWSW works towards the replication of natural stream dynamics with the application of restorative integrity. WSW assesses each river system’s physical and biological components in order to improve it, whether it is for water quality, fish and wildlife habitats, or bank stabilization efforts. We take pride in designing aesthetic and natural looking projects, using logs or boulders on some projects, or sod matting for example on another. WSW has extensive experience with using many proven river restoration applications in combination with mine reclamation techniques.  Services and Projects included in this area are

Consulting Habitat Creation Sediment Transport Control
Design-Build Irrigation Supply Stream Bank/Channel Stabilization
Erosion Mitigation & Management Recreational Features Water Quality
Flood Mitigation & Management Riparian Stabilization  





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Mine Reclamation


WSW has extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to Mine Reclamation projects. WSW has vast experience with using many proven river restoration applications in combination with mine reclamation techniques. WSW works with various entities, striving to restore and enhance water quality and surrounding habitat into a more functional system. Most projects consist of a high-level of monitoring before, during and after construction to ensure the site design is properly functioning. WSW is a State of Colorado Certified Industrial Waste Water Operator.  Services and Projects included in this area are:

BMPs Downstream Transport Mitigation Stormwater Management
Consulting Erosion Mitigation Stream Bank Stabilization
Data Collection Limestone Bays- Anoxic Drains or Settling Bays Water Quality Enhancement & Monitoring
Design-Build Pond Construction Wetland Construction





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Wetland Creation, Delineation and Restoration

Gondola Wetlands Mitigation Project, Town of Mountain Village. Gondola Wetlands Mitigation Project, Town of Mountain Village.

WSW has many projects consisting of wetland features. With each project, WSW focuses on enhancing as many areas of the wetland as possible. This includes increasing the biodiversity and wildlife habitats while improving the hydrology and water quality. WSW is on the U. S. Army Corps list of recommended Wetland Delineation Specialists. Wetland creation, and enhancement can be completed in a variety of settings. We have a long list of Wetland Mitigation projects also. Some wetlands we’ve completed are within Mine Reclamation sites, we’ve design-built treatment wetlands to mitigate acid mine drainages. We specialize in remaining within compliance of EPA, USACOE or local wetland setback ordinances. Projects are completed with positive ecological integrity and functional solutions. Services and Projects included in this area are:

Construction Management Fish and Wildlife Habitat Pollution Mitigation & Control
Consulting Flood Plain Evaluation, Delineation and Restoration Recreation Creation
Design-Build Hydrologic Analysis Stream Restoration
Erosion Mitigation and Control Lake and Pond Construction Wetland Banking & Mitigation
  Mine Reclamation Wetland Delineation Reports

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Hydrologic Analysis

    Determining the regional morphology and how the movement, distribution and quality of water sources surround particular areas is a large part of the process for WSW. Natural or man-made structures, WSW will study the fluvial geomorphology of each watershed to determine an accurate evaluation of the system and what can be improved upon for communities, wildlife habitats, and the improvement of water quality. Services and Projects included in this area are:

Agriculture Planning Design-Build Pond Creation, Mitigation & Restoration
Construction Management Erosion & Sediment Control           Regional Planning
Consulting Flood Plain Evaluation, Restoration Stream and River Restoration
Data Collection Habitat Creation & Restoration Wetland Delineation
  Pollution Analysis & Mitigation  


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Pond Design and Construction


WSW designs and builds many ponds for various purposes including: increasing biodiversity and productivity, water quality, recreational opportunities and aesthetic developments in very different settings.  WSW emphasizes within pond creation to blend into the natural surroundings and topography with positive intentions for the waterways, the landscape and the wildlife. Nothing is overlooked when creating ponds, as they can be very complex and need to have all variables taken into considerations. Services and Projects included in this area are:

 Construction Management  Ecosystem Enhancement Pollution Mitigation 
 Consulting Erosion Mitigation Solar Powered Aerator Installation
Create Swimming/Fishing Holes Fish and Wildlife Habitat Creation & Restoration  Stream Restoration
Design-Build Irrigation Enhancement & Storage  Water Rights
  Overwintering & High-Altitude Design  


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Compliance Monitoring



     WSW has an extensive working knowledge of permit requirements involved in water resources and development. When required WSW will successfully monitor projects and complete reporting requirements based on individual permits. Some projects will require annual, biannual, and bimonthly reporting. WSW believes in the protection of human health and ecological resources by beneficially altering the environment and understands the protocols and measures that are in place before, during and after each project has taken place. WSW wants to make sure that each project concludes with positive alterations by monitoring the finished projects for years to come.  Services and Projects included in this area are:

Erosion Control Hydrologic Analysis Permit Compliance Monitoring & Maintenance Stream Restoration
Fish and Wildlife Habitat Irrigation Management Procuring Various Permits for Water Projects Wetland Creation, Delineation & Restoration
  Obtaining Permit Compliance Objectives  Stormwater Management  

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Parks,Trails and Open Space


WSW has had the privilege of enhancing several community’s public open space in and around the state of Colorado, including; river trails, whitewater parks, wetland walkways, boater access and recreation areas. Our work has provided public access to wilderness and urban riparian areas. On the water or in the mountains, WSW has created trails, water crossings, river access areas, parks and educational interpretive signs for the public to utilize and enjoy for many years to come. 

Services and Projects included in this area are:

Construction Development Management Public Awareness and Involvement
Consulting Educational Opportunities Recreational Creation
Design-Build Irrigation Enhancement, Mitigation Stream Restoration

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Water Right Procurement


    WSW wants to ensure conditional and absolute water rights for clients, especially in the State of Colorado. We visit landowner’s property and communicate as to where and what they have the right to use, whether it is for irrigation canal, navigating certain waters or even just the use of water from streams or lakes. Water rights are incorporated into most of the projects that WSW takes on, confirming each area is allowed for usage or for modification. 


Services and Projects in the area of water right procurement include: 

Agriculture Pond Design & Construction  Wetland Creation & Restoration
Irrigation Stormwater Management & Erosion Control Wetland Delineation
Permit Acquisition & Compliance Stream Restoration  

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Stormwater Management and Erosion Control


  WSW will design Stormwater Management Plans and create erosion control systems proactively within projects. WSW utilizes a variety of best management practices combining proven successes within stream restoration and mine reclamation projects. WSW fulfills all requirements and regulations needed for these services.  WSW is a Certified Erosion Control Inspector and Supervisor.

Construction Management Habitat Creation Pond Creation & Construction
Consulting Irrigation/Vegetation Stream Restoration
Design-Build Mine Reclamation Trails, Park & Open Space
Erosion Mitigation Permit Acquisition & Compliance Wetland Creation & Restoration

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Beach Erosion Mitigation

Many aspects of mitigating beach and coastline erosion are similar to stream bank stabilization. The deflection of erosive wave energy can be managed to offset sand and sediment transport.

Beach Creation Consulting Sediment & Sand Transport Control
Beach/Coastline Erosion Control Design-Build Water Rights
Construction Management Habitat Creation Wetland Creation & Restoration
  Permit Acquisition & Compliance  







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