Hydrologic Analysis


WSW process includes studying field hydrology and fluvial geomorphology; we qualify how the movement, distribution and quality of water sources surround particular areas. Within natural or man-made aquatic resources, WSW will study each watershed to determine an accurate evaluation of the system and what can be improved upon. 


WSW Project List:

Skyrocket Creek, Cascade Creek and North Ouray Corridor; City of Ouray, Colorado 2012-2014

   WSW contracted by the City of Ouray to design, acquire permits, manage construction and complianceissues within several stream projects.  WSW procuring long term maintenance permits for Skyrocket Creek with Army Corps to facilitate perennial conditions within highly erosive channel subject to frequent debris slides.  WSW designing long term maintenance criteria for Cascade Creek which has been channeled within a flume system through the City of Ouray, complete with settling and passive treatment of discharge. WSW designing and permitting an erosion control and bank stabilization project through the City along the Uncompahgre River.

Corbett Creek Debris Slide Mitigation, Ouray County, Colorado

   WSW voluntarily gained Army Corps permission and design-built sediment detention ponds with stable instream structures with County personnel. The effort helped reduce the amount of times County Road 17 washed out and saved Road and Bridge repair expenses.

 Cushman Lake, Colorado, 2009

WSW completed hydrologic analysis of nutrient loading and proposed measures to mitigate lake pollution by containing the historic leaching of benthic sediments.

Hydrograph Project, Town Of Telluride, Colorado, 2007

WSW designed and built solar powered San Miguel River gauging station hydrograph with data logger for the Town of Telluride to monitor water rights from ski area usage and maintain minimum low flow for fisheries and water quality.

Bridal Veil Falls Hydroelectric Plant, Telluride, Colorado 2002

WSW was contracted by the hydroelectric plant to investigate, locate and repair a plug in the diversion from Blue Lake to the hydro plant; we also worked on a crew replacing a utility down a 380’ cliff with climbing equipment, refurbishing the historic Idorado Mine infrastructure.

Environmental Specialist - Telluride Ski & Golf Company, Colorado, 1997-1999

Managed hydrologic analysis and stream and wetland restoration activities within the country’s largest Consent Decree Action. Collected stream and groundwater data for pre-construction planning and post-construction erosion control; built and installed groundwater wells; installed Parshall flumes and staff gauges; collected precipitation, suspended sediment, bed load and water quality data. Wrote data reports to EPA.

Sitee River, Belize Coastal Runoff Containment Data Analysis, 1994-1996

Data collection with Belize to identify the use of pesticides up gradient of pristine reef ecosystem. 

Arctic Hydrologist - Water Research Center, Fairbanks and Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, 1994-1995

Completed hydrologic and wetland analysis in Alaskan watersheds, throughout the Arctic including Prudhoe Bay area and the Brooks Range for the Water Research Center, based at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. Built meteorological stations throughout arctic wilderness, gauged stream flows, collected snow pack data, programmed data loggers, built weirs to monitor spring runoff, and created data files and hydrographs. Hydrological analysis of Superfund site at Ft. Wainwright, including installation and monitoring of deep water wells. Bill invented a technique preventing the annual replacement of $10,000 monitoring wells installed in permafrost by transferring air pressure into the well from a SCUBA tank.

Oceanography Technician - Institute of Marine Science, Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska, 1995

While on board the Alpha Helix Research Vessel operated by the Institute of Marine Science, University of Alaska Fairbanks, managed data collection including conductivity, temperature and density data including captioning vessel in previously unstudied glacial calving zone.

Research Scientist, Diver - Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Damage Assessment, Alaska 1990-1991

Analyzed intertidal sediment samples for presence of macroinvertebrates. Dive-research team member.

Physical Scientist - Great Lakes Laboratory, Buffalo, New York, 1986-1987

Collected water samples and sediment samples along U.S. and Canadian riparian border during U.S. Fish and Wildlife Niagara River Contaminant Study. Researched the effects of toxic landfills including Love Canal on benthic fish and marine ecosystems. Managed research vessel for U.S. Geologic Survey. Electro-shocked fish, built on-board data collection apparatus. Collected artificial reef biological data utilizing SCUBA.

Eighteen Mile Creek Drainage Basin, Colden, New York, 1987

Analyzed fluvial geomorphology and stream flow characteristics of stream channel.

Bureau of Land Management, Student Conservation Association, U.S. Forest Service, Kremmling, Colorado, 1986

Hydrological analysis of streams along riparian areas affected by cattle grazing. Designed and built an interpretive sign including topographical and geological history of Upper Gore Canyon.

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