Parks, Trails and Open Space


WSW has had the privilege of enhancing several community’s public open space in and around the state of Colorado, including; river trails, whitewater parks, wetland walkways, boater access and recreation areas. Our work has provided public access to wilderness and urban riparian areas. On the water or in the mountains, WSW has created trails, water crossings, river access areas, parks and educational interpretive signs for the public to utilize and enjoy for many years to come. 


WSW Project List

Dolores River Access, Dolores, Colorado

WSW built recreational features and river access improvements for the US Forest Service.

Geyser Trailhead, US Forest Service, West Fork of the Dolores River

WSW built trail access and river crossing while the USFS finds funding and design to build a permanent bridge across the stream.

Cornerstone Trail Construction Project, Montrose County, Colorado, 2008

WSW crew members constructed over ten miles of trails including stream crossings.WSW built trail access and river crossing while the USFS finds funding and design to build a permanent bridge across the stream.

Ridgway Whitewater Park, Ridgway, Colorado, 2005-2006

WSW acted as Project Manager and led construction activities during a National Park Service and subsequent Riverbend Engineering design to build two whitewater play wave features in the Uncompahgre River.

Ridgway River Recreation Corridor, Ridgway, Colorado, 2001-2005

WSW acted as Project Manager during project funded by Great Outdoors Colorado Mid-Range Recreation Projects.  Project included bike paths, trails, educational facilities, pedestrian bridge, educational interpretive signs, and bald eagle viewing area, wetland educational trails, recreation areas, fishing and boating access and local school participation. WSW also led Southwest Youth Corps crews during vegetation and trail construction.

Telluride River Park Project, Telluride, Colorado, 2000-2001

WSW acted as Project Manager and Town Representative managing the construction of a $200,000 River Trail and Park expansion project along a newly restored reach of the San Miguel River.  Project included park open space areas, bike trails, and picnic areas. WSW oversaw the vegetation, landscaping and irrigation efforts during several consecutive drought years. WSW co-wrote and built an educational interpretive sign.

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