Pond Design and Construction


WSW designs and builds ponds for various purposes such as creating or increasing biodiversity such as aquatic habitat for sport fishing.  Projects improve productivity, water quality, recreational opportunities and aesthetics in a variety of different settings.  WSW emphasizes within pond creation to appear natural and blend into the natural surroundings and topography. We may replicate a beaver dam or a glacial lake, with improvements for the waterways, the landscape and the wildlife. Nothing is overlooked when creating ponds, as they can be very complex and need to have all variables taken into consideration.  Water falls and wetlands within pond projects benefit from other projects WSW specializes in. WSW has built walkways, bridges, islands and safe swimming access. WSW installs solar powered aeration systems within projects to improve oxygen. WSW installs hydrophytic vegetation native to riparian and aquatic environments to improve aesthetics, water quality and biologic diversity.


WSW Project List: 

Mountain Village Core Pond, Telluride, Colorado 2017-2018

   WSW procured ACOE and EPA permission for compliance within WSW design for the Town of Mountain Village. WSW will also perform maintenance construction management in compliance with EPA permission under the Consent Decree.

Wilson Mesa Pond Project, San Miguel County, CO 2017

    WSW procured Water Right and is designing pond for private landowner. WSW will procure County Permit and will design-build project.

South Park Pond Project, Fairplay, CO 2017

    WSW consulted on water right and potential development for pond and wetland work in Fairplay, CO.

Wolf Cattle Pond, Dallas Divide, CO 2016

   WSW collected hydrologic data and water quality analysis for Pond and consulted on mitigating algae.

Ferenbach Pond, Grayhead Development, Telluride, CO 2013-2017

WSW design-built series of infinity ponds in a spectacular setting to function as irrigation storage while also securing water right. Ponds’ shapes blend into hillside topography with cascading waterfalls providing oxygenation. Ponds will provide fish habitat and swimming opportunities while appearing natural and aesthetic.

High Camp Ponds, Dallas Divide, CO, 2014

   WSW design-built large, high altitude pond improvement project, including creating fish habitat, overwintering structures, peninsulas, islands, increased vegetation and naturalizing small lake with undulating berm features and increasing habitat for migrating water fowl. WSW design-built solar powered aeration system for overwintering of trout.

Rutherford Pond Project, Ridgway, Colorado 2010-2011

WSW repaired a pond on private land and replaced vegetation within the impact area.  We designed and installed an appropriate pump system to alleviate algae problems and create a healthy clear ecosystem.

Eagle Hill Ranch Pond Project, Ridgway, Colorado, 2009

WSW managed fish stock permit requirements from the Colorado Division of Wildlife and fabricated fish barrier screens within pond headgate structure so the pond WSW built in 2006 could be stocked with fish.

Fishing Ponds Flood Mitigation Project, Augusta, Kansas, 2008

WSW consulted on project to mitigate erosion and increase fish habitat, increase pond volume and stabilize stream channel.

Clubhouse Pond Project, Cornerstone, Colorado, 2007

WSW provided consulting services on the creation of a series of pond and integrated stream projects designed to create an attractive and functional recreational water setting.

Clear Valley Estates Pond Project, Montrose, Colorado, 2007

WSW acquired U.S. Army Corps permit anddesigned five acre fishing and swimming pond. Procured water rights and facilitated subsequent regional permits.

Eagle Hill Ranch Pond Project, Ridgway, Colorado, 2005-2006

WSW designed and built a fish pond and irrigation enhancement project to protect landowner’s water rights and increase discharge to pond. Re shaped and contoured an existing eutrophic system to increase circulation and create a healthy pond with excellent trout habitat. Designed and planted vegetation to enhance stabilization on island created from spoils material. Installed aeration system to increase oxygen levels and prevent algae growth. WSW designed and built treatment wetlands to mitigate ranch-related irrigation pollutants prior to entering pond.

Pond Enlargement Project, San Juan River Ranch, Pagosa Springs Colorado, 2005

WSW acquired U.S. Army Corps permit,designed and built trout pond and stable dam for private landowner, the project included constructing trails, fishing platforms, and enhancing vegetation.

Traumer Pond Project, Elerdville, Colorado, 2001

WSW designed and built fish pond with dock and wetland features for private land owner along the San Miguel River.


"From design to finish Western Stream Works engaged in an artistic process of building a pond. It was a joy to work with Bill and his team, and our ponds are beautiful!"- Nancy Heim

Pond Project Photos


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