Stormwater Management and Erosion Control

WSW will design Stormwater Management Plans and create erosion control systems proactively within projects. WSW utilizes a variety of best management practices combining proven successes within stream restoration and mine reclamation projects. WSW fulfills all requirements and regulations needed for these services.  WSW is a Certified Erosion Control Inspector and Erosion Control Supervisor.


 WSW Projects

Stormwater Management/Erosion Control: 

San Miguel Power Association, Revegetation Project 2015

   WSW managed revegetation efforts within rural utility relocation.

Animas River Trail, Whitewater Park Project, City of Durango, 2014

   WSW hired by Russell Engineering to consult on riparian stability components of the Animas River Trail project that will interface the Animas River Whitewater Park.

Coronet Creek Erosion Mitigation Project, Glenn Property, Telluride, CO 2012-2013

   WSW procured Army Corps and Town of Telluride permits and designed and built erosion mitigation project to stabilize degraded channel and mitigate head cut threatening owner’s property. Sinuosity was reestablished and instream rock techniques dissipated sheer stress.

Ouray County Road 361 Reconstruction, Camp Bird Road, Ouray, Colorado, 2011-2012

   WSW was asked by Russell Engineering and Ouray County Road and Bridge Department to provide consulting expertise during DOW review of proposed project on heavily used backcountry road to Imogene Pass. WSW designed best management and containment structures mitigating adverse impacts on vegetation and existing wildlife corridor along riparian area of Canyon Creek. During road stabilization project, slope stabilization will improve existing conditions by enhancing increased habitat diversity and mitigating existing water quality impacts.

McElmo Creek Stream Restoration Project, Cortez, Colorado, 2008

WSW consulted on project to reduce erosion on private land and to prevent additional loss of property.

Fishing Ponds Flood Mitigation Project, Augusta, Kansas, 2008

WSW consulted on project to mitigate erosion and increase fish habitat, increase pond volume and stabilize stream channel.

Silverbell Mine Reclamation, Stormwater Management Contractor, 1999-present

WSW completes best management practices within the mine reclamation project and makes improvements based on CDPHE inspections; we design and implement settling basins and treatment wetlands, often utilizing limestone to improve the water quality within the mine reclamation project.

City of Durango Stormwater Management Contractor, 2010

WSW developed Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP) and implemented best management practices during and after the Animas River Stream Restoration Project, we met the objectives of the plan and completed compliance criteria within nine months with robust vegetation results.

Cornerstone Development Stormwater Management Contractor, 2007-2008

WSW completed storm water inspections, manage compliance responsibilities and implement BMPs during State of Colorado Stormwater Permit within 6,000 acre development.



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