Water Right Procurement


WSW goes through required processes with the Division of Water Quality and State Water Court to ensure conditional and absolute water rights for clients, especially in the State of Colorado. We visit landowner’s property and communicate as to where and what they have the right to use, whether it is for irrigation canals, navigating certain waters or the use of water from streams or lakes. Water rights are incorporated into most of the projects that WSW takes on, confirming each area is allowed for usage or for modification.      


Water Right Procurement Project List

Summit Creek Coanda Effect Hydroscreen Project 2016

   WSW will design-build and permit a Coanda effect hydroscreen installation into Summit Creek to procure irrigation water for Greyhead Development and ensure absolute water right.

Spring Water Right Procurement, Phillips Property 2012-2013

          WSW procuring a private landowner’s water right with the local Water Court and Colorado Division of Water                       


Glenn Property, San Miguel County, Colorado 2011

   WSW secured Water Rights through the State of CO Water Court in order construct a holding facility for spring water in a pond with gated corrugated PVC lines that could be used for irrigation or fire retention. Investigated and documented historic mineral, water and land use at the Federal, State and County levels. Acquired U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Colorado Division of Water Resources permitting.

Bolger Property, Montrose County, Colorado 2009-2010

   WSW secured water right and Montrose County development regulations for an ongoing land development project.  Work included Army Corps wetland delineation and mitigation, and lease agreements regarding existing radio tower.

Bridal Veil Falls Hydroelectric Plant, Telluride, Colorado 2002

WSW was contracted by the hydroelectric plant to investigate, locate and repair a plug in the diversion from Blue Lake to the hydro plant; we also worked on a crew replacing a utility down a 380’ cliff with climbing equipment, refurbishing the historic Idorado Mine infrastructure.




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