Wetland Creation,Delineation, and Restoration


WSW specializes in wetland creation, enhancement and mitigation. With each project WSW focuses on enhancing as many aspects of the various wetland types as possible. Our experience creating stable stream channels greatly helps us achieve our wetland goals. This includes increasing the biodiversity of wildlife habitats while improving long term structural integrity and water quality. WSW is on the U. S. Army Corps list of recommended Wetland Delineation Specialists. Wetland creation, and enhancement can be completed in a variety of settings.  Some wetlands we’ve completed are within Mine Reclamation sites, we’ve design-built treatment wetlands to mitigate acid mine drainages. We specialize in remaining within compliance of U.S. Army Corps, EPA, or within local wetland setback ordinances. Projects are completed creating ecological integrity and functional solutions. 


WSW Project List: 

Wetland Delineation, Tommy Heins Associates, Telluride, Colorado 2016

   WSW is completing a U.S. Army Corps Jurisdictional Wetland Determination within the riparian areas of Coronet Creek in Telluride for private land owner. We will then consult and write permitting guidelines adhering to Telluride’s Wetland Setback Ordinances.

Alder Street Treatment Wetland Maintenance Project, Town of Telluride, CO 2014

   WSW completed a 20 year maintenance of treatment wetland which contains excess sedimentation from urban storm water runoff; involving the removal of a wetland area, the excavation of twenty years’ worth of sediment deposition and reestablishing wetland throughout area with additional braided channelization to encourage more settling within wetland prior to discharging into San Miguel River.

Mountain Village Wetland Delineation Project 2013

   WSW completed wetland delineation for the Town of Mountain Village and submitted report for Army Corps.

Pearl Property Wetland Delineation Project, Telluride Colorado, 2007

WSW managed and completed wetland delineation project with Natural Resource Services, Inc., for the Town of Telluride.

De La Lama Span Structure-Wetland Mitigation Project, Mountain Village, CO, 2007

WSW acquired U.S. Army Corps permit and Design-Review Board approval,designed and built wetland mitigation project managing land trade with Telluride Ski and Golf Company into open space, resulting in driveway widening for emergency vehicle access purposes.

Wetland Delineation and Mitigation Consultant, 2007

WSW completed several wetland permitting and mitigation projects throughout the Western Slope, including Alta Lakes, Telluride, and the Montrose areas.

Lot 600B Mountain Village, Colorado, 2006

WSW acquired U.S. Army Corps permit and Design-Review Board approval,designed and built earthen bridge over stream channel allowing ski trail access, with additional revegetation efforts and wetland enhancement.

Lake Construction Project, Montrose, Colorado, 2005

WSW completed design coordination and consultation of lake construction and wetland mitigation project, coordinate US Army Corps of Engineers permitting activities.

Wetland Mitigation Project, Montrose, Colorado, 2005

WSW acquired U.S. Army Corps permit,designed and built wetland creation project for private land development.

Valley Floor Wetlands Specialist, San Miguel Valley Floor Corporation, Telluride, Colorado, 1998

Installed and monitored groundwater monitoring wells, completed soil moisture analysis, gauged San Miguel River peak flows, including synoptic gauging of all tributary streams, completed hydrologic data collection.

Project Manager, Gondola Wetland Mitigation Project - Town of Mountain Village, Colorado, 1996

Completed a $200,000 wetland and stream mitigation project: rebuilt stream channels, rebuilt a pond establishing wetland terraces, and diverted a stream into created swales and meadows maximizing square acreage through grading techniques. Monitored surface hydrology and managed erosion control.

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