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U.S. Army Corps Permitting Acquisition & Compliance


WSW typically obtains a U.S. Army Corps Permit on all required projects that we design and/or build. WSW ensures compliance within the U.S. Army Corps permit for each project.  WSW also manages certain projects to remain in compliance by ensuring an Army Corps permit is not required.

EPA Compliance

WSW cooperates with all the EPA regulations, laws and monitoring processes to ensure that projects are viable and sustainable to the environment. WSW has worked on several Consent Decree mitigation projects.


Water Rights Procurement

WSW procures conditional and absolute water rights for clients, especially in the State of Colorado. We visit landowner’s property, determine, and communicate with clients regarding the required process, including irrigation canals, streams, wetland and other aquatic resources. 


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WSW is a single entity, design-build ecological restoration company. WSW manages and oversees the design and construction stages of each project. Sub-contractors, such as heavy equipment or seeding/hydromulch companies, will be contracted and managed to work on projects if there is a specific need for them. WSW specializes in individual attention to detail for each project it designs. It then builds projects focusing on stream restoration, mine reclamation, storm water management, coastal erosion control, pond and wetland restoration projects. WSW efforts will always try to replicate nature to restore balance.


             A large majority of WSW's projects are design- build. 


Construction Management

WSW will coordinate and supervise ecological restoration projects from start to finish. WSW will focus on complying with all required permits and regulations that the project may entail. Typically WSW construction management will guarantee success of design-build projects. Construction management includes: Streams, wetlands, mine reclamation, ponds, stormwater, coastal erosion, flood plains, trails, open space and more. 


Hydrologic Monitoring

WSW monitors the quantity and quality of water resources. WSW assesses the potential of each area and what modifications or improvements could occur. WSW assesses each completed project to ensure functioning properly and within permit compliance. WSW monitors projects to ensure federal, state and local regulations are met. This service includes water quality, surface and ground water, mine reclamation sites and more. 


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Industrial Wastewater Operator

WSW ensures that compliance with project permits and regulations are met in all areas of monitoring, inspections, planning, documentation, and reporting. Through the use of proven processes and design-build techniques, WSW applies its experience as State of Colorado Certified Industrial Wastewater Operator.


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Vegetation & Irrigation

Enhancing riparian, wetland or upland agricultural environments, WSW will create and enhance the ecosystem through the input of irrigation and or vegetation. WSW’s goal is to have projects not look man made or contrived. WSW creates, maintains, or enhances irrigation and vegetation systems that serve many uses.


Stormwater Management & Erosion Control

WSW will design Stormwater Management Plans and create erosion control systems proactively within projects. WSW always utilizes a variety of best management practices combining proven successes within stream restoration and mine reclamation projects. WSW will fulfill all requirements and regulations needed for these services.  WSW is a Certified Erosion Control Inspector and Erosion Control Supervisor.


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MSHA & HAZMAT Certified

WSW is MSHA and HAZMAT certified.           


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Teaching and Public Relations

WSW understands effective communication is the most essential component to all successful projects.  Through education and public resource development WSW tries to engage the community.  Educational site visits at projects is always encouraged. 


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